Metropolitan Planning

Built for Metropolitan Planning Organizations

Prophet One offers automated financial solutions and services for Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs). Our Metropolitan Planning for NetSuite solution is tailored to meet the needs of MPOs at all stages of financial operations, including pre-award, award, implementation, and grant-closing. Additionally, it supports fund accounting, budgeting, and custom MPO reporting. We are committed to helping MPOs streamline their financial processes and achieve operational efficiency.

“With Metropolitan Planning for NetSuite, we stay in compliance with our grants; we always know where we stand. And automating this process saves us at least 4 hours per week.”

“We can see when we submit a reimbursement, how much it’s for, and when that reimbursement actually paid out back into our bank account.”

“Before Metropolitan Planning for NetSuite, we spent 5-10 hours a week getting the information we needed; now, everything is at our fingertips and available in real-time.”

The Automated Cloud Solution for
Metropolitan Planning

Metropolitan Planning for NetSuite tracks the potential grants and provides a place to document requirements, consolidate information, provide milestones and due dates, and can identify local grant participants ahead of
the award phase.

Prophet One configuration enables you to convert funding opportunities into grants easily. It also allows your organization to track multiple facets and funding encumbrances, documenting how it can fully utilize the funds. These records provide a platform to capture and consolidate information into a single source that is available for reference by all users.

Metropolitan Planning for NetSuite provides real-time expenditure tracking. The system can apply multiple funding sources to a single expenditure. Projects in NetSuite provide a platform for tracking task execution and dependencies or enabling funding applications. Reporting on transactions allows your organization to see expenses, encumbrances, and remaining funds in real-time – all in an easy-to-navigate award-winning platform.

At its core, NetSuite is a financial reporting system. The reporting engine is built into the heart of NetSuite. It enables you to report on the current state of a grant quickly. Its reports also allow you to promptly drill down into the actual transactions impacting the grant. And it provides the ability to thoroughly and efficiently audit your programs.

Set up and plan your operational and grant budgets within your NetSuite ERP. Regulate and track expenditures against predefined authorized budgets and encumber expenses throughout the procurement lifecycle. Track hard and soft commitments via purchase requests or purchase orders. And generate custom MPO budget reports for funders.

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