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We’ve been working with JD Edwards customers for decades. Most of our Consulting Team Members have over 20 years of experience working with the JDE platform. To say we are JDE experts is an understatement. We have the ability to successfully integrate JDE into your business in a way specifically designed to meet your business requirements and have done so for many organizations. The combination of our business acumen, application knowledge and technical understanding of the JDE platform places Prophet One in a class all our own.

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The Best Use of JDE Features

Often times, once our JD Edwards integration clients have the tools they need, but run into issues when it comes to understanding which features can bring them the most use, and how to maximize the tools we implement. To help break it down, we wanted to highlight a few of the most powerful and best JDE features and how to utilize them in a way that can move the needle for your business.

Let’s Talk Orchestrator

When we implement JDE for a client, we always make sure to emphasize the importance of Orchestrator. Over 40% of JDE users have said the capabilities Orchestrator has and the personalization options available are important to their organization. Orchestrator has a number of capabilities that are most useful when designed to work with your precise needs. It is a major player in helping companies automate and save time by creating smart processes that connect devices as well as streamline other business operations. If you’re not sure what the best use for Orchestrator’s powerful automation tools are for your business, we can help.

Get What You Need

UX One is another powerful tool that JDE offers, especially when upgraded to the latest version to have the most up-to-date applications available. When utilized properly, UX One creates extreme value for businesses. The Citizen Developer tools, in conjunction with User Defined Objects (UDOs) can create impressive leverage within your organization.

Learn With the Right Metrics

In recent upgrades, JDE has expanded and improved their reporting capabilities, which makes it a very high-value tool for businesses. Visibility and reporting are often two of the most common issues our clients have. It makes sense, especially when implementing a powerful tool like JDE. There is a large volume of data being gathered on a regular basis, the desire for quality reporting just makes sense, but understanding how to create reports that work for your long-term planning is the real key. Improve reporting with JDE will help you minimize delays and increase efficiency in operational actions, help enhance user and data interactivity without sacrificing any of the real-time features you need and rely on, and prioritize ways to increase your company’s cash flow.

Adapt and Grow Together

We understand the overwhelm. There is so much to navigate in a tool like JDE. That’s why we believe in the importance of working with a business-minded partner who not only understands all the nuances of the software and applications available to you within the tool, but understands how to implement them expertly in a business environment. The team at Prophet One is well-versed in understanding even the most intricate of business goals and hurdles, and we can help you make the most of JDE, Orchestrator, and more in order to meet your goals faster and plan with more confidence for the future. Ready to learn more about how to get the most out of your JDE capabilities today? Give us a call or schedule your free consultation.

JDE Orchestrator 101 Webinar

Orchestrator is a very powerful tool for business. In fact, some have called it one of the most disruptive tools ever created by JD Edwards. With our partner, Innova9, we take a look at some of the basics of Orchestrator. This webinar will help you discover Orchestrator’s capabilities and integration possibilities that can dramatically improve your operations.

JD Edwards Managed Services

Overseeing your systems is no easy feat. The resources alone involved in ensuring your ERP is running smoothly and effectively can be mind-boggling.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to cost you an astronomical amount or require resources that might best be utilized elsewhere. With JD Edwards managed services implemented by the knowledgeable team at Prophet One, you get countless hours back and the peace of mind knowing managed services are taking care of everything.

From real-time performance analytics to global support, we take the “manage” out of “managed services” for you. With JD Edwards managed services, you get to focus on what matters most to you – moving your business forward, without having to wonder if the ERP that makes that happen behind the scenes is really working the way it should.

Managed Services Is Not “One Size Fits All”

Managed Services make your life easier, yes. But just because it’s “managed” doesn’t mean it’s a blanket solution. At Prophet One, we don’t really believe in blanket solutions. That’s just not the business-minded way to approach it.

Even when we’re taking things off your plate and taking care of them via managed services, we keep your business goals and your specific objectives, needs, and challenges in mind.

Offshore, Nearshore, On-shore, Or On-site

We can offer hybrid models of Offshore (India), Nearshore (Brazil – same time zone for USA customers), onshore (within your country), or on-site managed solutions to meet your needs without making managed services overwhelming or confusing.

As with everything we do, we look at managed services from a business-minded perspective. It’s not a band aid or a catch-all. It’s a strategic decision backed by powerful tech that can help you reach your goals faster, with less overhead and less man hours invested. Let us be the partner that takes your managed services and optimizes them for your success.

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