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Prophet One offers a comprehensive solution for the food and beverage industry that includes inventory and order management, eCommerce, financials, CRM, and more. Food and beverage businesses can improve efficiency, increase employee satisfaction, and save money by automating and streamlining processes. Prophet One’s experienced team can help you deliver the results.



  • Managing Changing Market Trends

    • Shifting toward fresher ingredients and sustainability
    • Managing shorter product lifecycles
  • Maintaining High Quality

    • Ensuring compliance with Food Safety and Quality Standards
    • Maintaining high quality throughout the manufacturing and inventory management process
  • Lack of automated processes and timely operational and financial data

    • Requiring real-time information and reporting for critical business decision-making

NetSuite’s cloud ERP system offers a complete food and beverage solution that benefits your entire organization


Automatically balance demand and supply, optimize your inventory and manufacturing resources and manage vendors and purchasing process visibility to ensure you get the best price and delivery combination.

Manage all your product data and recipes in one place with simplified design and change control processes resulting in reduced time to market for new and updated products.

Find and acquire new customers, deliver consistent interactions and delight customers with customer service that keeps them happy and coming back for more.

Take orders with the confidence that you’re selling the right product at the right price from the best location to fit your service level commitments.

Control, manage and gain visibility of your supply chain, procurement, and materials processes with full lot traceability and recall management.

Create, release, update and monitor work orders throughout production or outsourcing processes, including the ability to control and manage batches where required.

Take control of your warehouse with detailed metrics, real-time transactions, optimization strategies, and handheld capabilities resulting in increased efficiencies.

Receive real-time updates from the shop floor via our interactive tablet application, including downtime and scrap reasons, in addition to using traditional barcoding and managing digital work instructions.

Deliver the highest quality products with minimal overhead by engaging the entire company with NetSuite’s Quality Management solution.


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Doing business with bad actors can result in reputational damage, fraud losses, and costly government penalties. The best ePayables solutions include an online portal that makes it easy to collect all the information required by law.

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ARTICLE - Businesses expect more from their accounts payable (AP) department these days. It’s not enough for AP departments to just pay the bills as if that’s all that AP ever did.

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Businesses expect more from their accounts payable (AP) department these days. It’s not enough for AP departments to just pay the bills as if that’s all that AP ever did.
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