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Enterprise Performance Management

Understand, Analyze, and Report Better With Hyperion

Prophet One helps organizations plan, budget, forecast and report on business performance as well as consolidate and finalize financial results. Put simply, we help organizations “close the books.” We work with CFOs and the office of finance to better provide our expertise and experience. We can also work with other functions of the business such as; HR, sales, marketing and IT to use EPM for operational planning, budgeting and reporting.

EPM / Hyperion can complement ERP

EPM / Hyperion can complement ERP by providing management insights in addition to crucial operational data. ERP is about operating the business—the day-to-day transactional activity—and EPM is about managing the business—analyzing, understanding, and reporting on the business. Whatever combination of the two your business needs, Prophet One has the expertise to help. We provide a roadmap for our customers to make the best educated decisions for their organizations.

Link Financial Metrics to Insights

EPM / Hyperion is critical for managing all types of organizations by linking financial and operational metrics to insights—and ultimately driving strategies, plans, and execution. With EPM and Prophet One’s guidance, business leaders can drive improved performance across the organization by monitoring financial and operational results against forecasts and goals and using analytics to recognize key trends and predict outcomes.

Find Your Business Balance

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