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Company History

Where We Came From

In 2004 a major decision was made – some would call it a leap of faith. See, 2004 was the year Mr. Morrissey and Mr. Musick decided to start their own company. The intent was to take the best of their experiential learning, use that goodness as the foundation for their business, then make it even better. The vision for the company was simple, but powerful – help clients realize their goals and objectives by helping them achieve operational superiority as a result of implementing tailored business and technology solutions that would provide measurable, significant, and sustained contribution to their overall success. With that in mind, Prophet One Solutions was born. Since 2004, no one’s looked back, the record has been stellar, and the future is bright.

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The Promise

Based on experience, Mr. Morrissey and Mr. Musick felt strongly if they delivered what was promised a client, they were better than most consulting firms. Throughout their careers they observed a tendency for consultancies to over promise, under deliver and try to fix issues by “change orders”. So the Prophet One approach was designed to invest time with a client early in the relationship in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of goals, objectives, requirements and challenges. The belief was then, and remains, that the proper up front evaluation or assessment eliminates unknowns and uncertainties and prevent issues before they surface due to effective planning.

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Ok, but Why "Prophet One?"

It seems like a lofty choice for a company name, we get it, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Historically speaking, a key trait of a “prophet” is to focus on the future. Understanding today’s shortcomings leads to a vision of a better future. Our job is to be “prophetic” in the sense that we help you (our clients) envision a path to excellence, or a better future. The challenge becomes “how do we get there?” rather than, “does it exist?” While there may be alternative paths, there is typically one best solution. That’s where Prophet One insight meets Oracle technology’s proven methods. If we’re following along with the literary tropes here, an “Oracle” is the provider of wise and insightful counsel, the guide that leads you on your journey to the best solution, the “One Solution.” The result, then, makes perfect sense. A partnership between prophets and oracles has more or less been in the cards for centuries. Put simply, Prophet One Solutions, paired with Oracle as the enterprise technology leader, possesses the right set of products, tools, and critical insight to allow us to help you meet your needs, exceed your expectations, and set new goals to crush along the way.

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