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Cyber Security

We Take Cyber Security Seriously So You Can, Too

Prophet One has teamed with (ISRSEC, LTD) former leaders from the United States Special Operations Forces (USSOCOM) and other departments related to leading-edge cyber security.

With extensive knowledge, we are able to provide strategic leadership, coordination, and resources to help boost tactical operations in cyber security, planning, and multinational deployments for enterprise projects and large programs in commercial and government areas. We have assisted multinational Fortune 100 companies with strategic level operations specializing in cyber security.

The team has led large, multi-faceted organizations to provide vision, direction, strategic planning, organizational management, financial management, and team building; including service at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, the military’s special operations university.

Our strategic partners have worked throughout the Department of Defense and other departments in advanced unconventional cyber and physical security from small entity levels through large and enterprise levels, including:

We have specific expertise in the following areas:

Critical National Infrastructure – Communications/Telecommunications, Power and Water Utilities, Public Safety, Airport and Air Systems from airplanes to air traffic control, Highway and Rail Systems and local traffic control systems, local, state and national governments.

Energy – Oil and gas, chemical plants and refineries, industrial batch and production plants, upstream/midstream/downstream production, transport and refining systems, shipping terminals and ports.

Health and Medical – hospitals, research facilities, bio-engineering plants, pharma, medical technology and systems security from design level to chip level- board level-device level-systems level. Supply chain and anti-counterfeiting measures and systems. PHI-PII-HIPAA protection and security.

Financials, Robotics and Drones, etc.

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